CANCELLED: Docs with tots Connect & Learn Series # 3: Pregnancy and motherhood


Glen Hospital, QC, CA



Session three theme: 

Pregnancy and motherhood in medicine: Addressing the unique challenges faced by female trainees expecting and/or caring for their child(ren)

**Since this meeting will be held on hospital grounds, we will regrettably not be offering childcare services on that evening. Thank you for your understanding.

Location: Glen Hospital Room B02.6851 (Pavilion B) at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (Glen)

Program Description:

Facilitator: Dr. Martha Chamodraka


Parents with young children in medicine (PGME and UGME) are invited to attend our Docs with Tots Connect & Learn Series, which consists of 3 confidential group meetings interspersed throughout the year. The main purpose of these meetings is to allow young parents training in medicine to connect and discuss their unique experiences and challenges as parent-learners; exchange ideas; and obtain tools to more effectively navigate their professional and personal lives. We are also happy to offer childcare services to group participants with children between 1-5 years-old, provided by two seasoned educators, and brunch for both parents and children. The children and the educators will gather in a space adapted for children across from the room where the group meetings will be held. The educators will entertain the children with books, toys, songs, and interactive play, and will supervise them while they eat. Detailed information on our educators and the kids’ meal is provided on the registration form.

Each group meeting will have a dedicated theme. A guest speaker may be invited to the meeting for the first 30 minutes to share their personal reflections on their own journey and offer their experience-based expertise in the form of perspective and practical tips. Upon the guest speaker’s departure, a group discussion inspired by the talk will be facilitated by the PGME Wellness Consultant, Dr. Martha Chamodraka. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Please visit this page for more information on these sessions