The Fortnightly Philosophy and Theology Seminar

The Fortnightly is for professors, lecturers, graduate students, and guests. Those interested in participating may contact douglas.farrow [at] (Professor Douglas Farrow).

Pluralism, Religion and Public Policy

Pluralism, Religion and Public Policy project brings together people from academia, jurisprudence, politics, education, health care and religious institutions to debate fundamental questions respecting the role of religion in public life.


McGill’s Centre for Research on Religion/Centre de Recherche sur la Religion (CREOR). CREOR coordinates and supports research on the main religions of the world, their differences and their common grounds, and how they contribute to a better understanding of past and present-day culture, ethics and politics.

Initiative in the World's Religions and Globalization

Since October 2010, McGill’s Faculty of Religious Studies has collaborated with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) to enhance worldwide understanding of the interrelationship between the world’s religions and globalization in both an academic and applied context through McGill’s Initiative in Globalization and the World's Religions. So far, the initiative has developed an interdisciplinary “Religion and Globalization” course (RELG 331), collaborated with leading international scholars for a lecture series at the Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR), and brought together university students from TBFF’s worldwide network to study and discuss together their diverse perspectives on human rights and religious minorities. McGill and TBFF are committed to countinuing to grow this partnership, building on this legacy of academic excellence.