We educate future engineers, urban planners, and architects by offering new courses, integrating sustainability into programs and enhancing education 'outside the classroom' too! Sustainability knowledge, ambition, and professional development is important to us. We train current and future generations of sustainability-minded professionals in areas such as sustainability assessment and LCA, benefitting students, professors, and professionals alike. 


TISED works to complement current and planned initiatives to help ensure that sustainable engineering components are present in all undergraduate programs


Calling graduate students! 

Want to develop strengths in scientific communication, build your networks, and increase your technical expertise for sustainability in engineering and design? Apply now to SEDTalks! and become a ChangeMaker!

Workshops/Case Competitions

TISED strives to update the engineering curriculum to train young engineers, architects, and planners, in the principles of energy efficiency, clean energy and sustainability. TISED also hosts various case competitions to encourage sustainability leadership in students