Fondation 3E & Energy Literacy


Fondation 3E participantsFondation 3E participants

Made possible by the continued support from Fondation 3E, this event celebrated the 2012-2013 student projects on Novenber 25, 2013. Outstanding McGill students showcased their projects and shared their results. The projects dovetailed with the mission of Fondation 3E to increase energy literacy in Canada. Ways of reducing energy use, in particular from non‐renewable sources, in housing, community planning, transportation, and other aspects of the built environment were explored in this event. In addition, guest speaker, Alex Hill (M.Eng, PMP, LEED AP), from Dunsky Energy Consulting Inc., gave a presentation on "Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Community Housing".  


Guest Presentation by Alex Hill

Energy efficiency in affordable housing[.pdf] by Alex J Hill, MEng, PMP, LEED AP, Senior Energy Consultant

Student Project Presentations

Cut five miles off your waistline: Creating McGill's energy-efficient food supply future [.pdf] by Gabriel Damant-Sirois, Edwin Horton, Chelsea Medd, Spencer Sloan (Urban Planning); Faculty supervisor: Ray Tomalty

Evaluation of Energy reduction in transportation: long-term impact of Eco-driving_in_quebec [.pdf] by Sabreena Anowar, Amir Zahabi (Civil Engineering); Faculty supervisors: Luis Miranda-Moreno, Naveen Eluru

Solar_decathlon [.pdf] by Trevor Engel, Svetlana Zdanovich, Daniel Tarantino (Civil Engineering) from Team Montreal, part of the Solar Decathalon 2015; Faculty supervisor: Mohamed Meguid

Energy_use_and_the_urban_environment: A Review of Models and Indicators (Quartier de l'innovation) [.pdf] by Allana Mayer (Information Studies), Lora Milusheva (Urban Planning); Faculty supervisor: Raphaël Fischler

Want to learn more about Fondation 3E's support of student work enhancing energy literacy? Visit TISED's Fondation 3E page