TISED/GHP Innovative Solutions for Planetary Health Seed Grant Program Reception


"The World Health Organization estimates that roughly 25% of the disease burden in the developing world is due to environmental factors."

Indeed, developing nations tend to suffer most from the health impacts of unsustainable growth and development due to the combination of the environmental factors with other aspects of the social and physical environment. The primary aim of the Innovative Solutions for Planetary Seed Grants, then, is to provide funding for interdisciplinary projects that combat these challenges, and to foster dynamic partnerships between researchers in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering at McGill.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine's Global Health Program, TISED proudly presented a reception for the Innovative Solutions for Planetary Seed Grants on November 19th, 2018. Jointly funded by the Steinberg Fund for Interdisciplinary Global Health Research and a gift to TISED from our benefactor Ram Panda, the TISED/GHP Innovative Solutions for Planetary Health Seed Grants program provides seed funding for research at the interface of global health and sustainable development. Research projects are led by one researcher from the Faculty of Medicine and one researcher from the Faculty of Engineering. The program funds bold and high-risk research projects at the nexus between disease, rapid environmental degradation and climate change.

Air quality and water pollution are two major difficulties imposed on developing nations regarding human and environmental health. Two of the first two projects funded through this program that were presented, respectively:

High speed, portable PCR system for rapid and in-situ water quality testing

(Dr. Andrew Kirk, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering; Dr. Mark Trifiro, Department of Endocrinology in the Faculty of Medicine)

Find the PowerPoint presentation here:File kirk_and_trifiro_mcgill_planetary_nov_2018.pptx

A pilot study of the acute cardiovascular impacts of exposure to traffic-related air pollution and its oxidative potential among adults in urban Colombia

(Dr. Jill Baumgartner, Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health in the Faculty of Medicine; Dr. Omid Rouhani, Department of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering)                                                                             

For more information on the event: https://mcgill.ca/tised/TISED-GHP-Reception