Walrus Talks Energy


TISED was a sponsor for the "Walrus Talks Energy" on October 1, 2013, hosted by The Walrus Foundation. Engaging short talks by experts focussed on our sustainable energy future, the challenges of energy production, ideas and inventions that will change the world, and where you fit in!


  • “The Energy Conundrum” by Peter Calamai, Institute for Science, Society and Policy
  • “Political Climate” by Sophie Cousineau, Globe and Mail
  • “Finding Efficiency” by Philippe Dunsky, Dunsky Energy Consulting
  • “Aboriginal Power” by Chris Henderson, Lumos Energy
  • “Visualizing Canadian Energy Systems” by David Layzell, University of Calgary
  • “Lighting the Way” by Zetian Mi, McGill University
  • “Pricing Energy” by Bryne Purchase, Queen’s University
  • “Mobilizing for Change” by Kali Taylor, Student Energy