“In the minds of our students, what we test and how we test it says more about our educational goals, values, and philosophy than anything else we do or say during the term.”

– D. A. Whetten (2007)

Assessment of student learning is a fundamental academic activity that serves several purposes. It can be used to formally judge students’ performance at the end of a unit, course or program in order to determine if students learned what they were expected to learn. Assessment can also be used to enhance and guide student learning by providing timely feedback to students during the learning process on how well they understand course material. In turn, assessment of students’ understanding can inform instructors about how they might need to adjust their teaching strategies.

Whetten, D. A. (2007). Principles of effective course design: What I wish I had known about learning-centered teaching 30 years ago. Journal of Management Education, 31(3), 339-357.
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