Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching, established to recognize excellence in teaching and its importance to the academic experience of students at McGill University, is traditionally awarded at Fall Convocation at the Course Lecturer, Faculty Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Full Professor ranks.

Call for Nominations

Nominations for the 2019 Prize are now being accepted. Detailed procedures are below.

PDF icon Guidelines for nomination

PDF icon Nomination form

Deadline to submit: 7 June 2019

Questions? Contact nancy.stpierre2 [at] (subject: PPET) (Nancy St-Pierre).

Winners of the Principal’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The McGill Reporter publishes information about Principal's Prizes Award winners.

2018: Marwan Kanaan, Sidney Trudeau, Nicole Li-Jessen, David Ragsdale, Allison Christians

2017: Bruce Manson, Laura Pavelka, Daniel Heller, Laila Parsons, Jonathan Sterne

2016: Prakash Panangaden, Alanna Watt, Hoi Kong, Caroline Begg

2015: John Stix, Andrew Hendry, Anne-Marie Kietzig, Teresa Rudkin

2014: Nancy Mayo, Colin Chalk, Gary Brouhard, Eyad Hashem Atallah

2013: Kenneth Ragan, Raphaël Fischler, Michael Rabbat, Ariel Fenster

2012: Paul Clarke, Laura Nilson, Jeffrey Bergthorson, Kenneth MacKenzie

2011: James Hanley, Marilyn Scott, Krista R. Muis, Sujata Madan

2010: Michael Petrides, Rosalie Jukier, Robert Leckey, David M. Lank

2009: Bruce Shore, Peter Gibian, Kathleen Fallon, Carolyn Samuel

2008: Maggie Kilgour, Lisa Travis, André Roy, Grazyna Wilczek

2007: Richard Koestner, George McCourt, Howard Riggs, Paul Wiseman

2006: André Costopoulos, Axel Hundemer, Daniel Levitin, David Plant

2005: Donna Lee-Smith, Brian Lewis, Nilima Nigam, Donald Taylor

2004: Andrew Kirk, Reisa Lipszyc, John Silvius, Charles Boberg

2003: John Abela, Brian Alters, Rex Brynen, Fritz Buchinger

2002: Rhonda Amsel, Hanadi Sleiman, Anthony Williams-Jones, Heather Goad

2001: David Harpp, Andrew Kirk, Carolyn Pittenger, Gordon Roberts

2000: Hélène Poulin-Mignault, Anne Wechsler, Terry Wheeler

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