Learning Technologies

Teaching and Learning Services supports instructors, TAs and staff in the effective use of educational technologies through individual consultations and custom workshops. We also pilot and select new tools to enhance current offerings available to instructors, Teaching Assistants, and students.

Educational Technologies to Support Teaching and Learning

Click here to view a visual depiction of educational technologies to support teaching and learning.

The tools are organized in 4 "quadrants":

  • Content: create, share, and curate course materials

  • Course Management: manage and organize your class

  • Assessment: assess learning, receive and provide feedback

  • Interaction: enhance engagement and collaboration

The tools are laid out within three "rings":

  • First ring: tools available within myCourses (McGill's learning management system)

  • Second ring: tools outside of myCourses that are provided and supported by McGill

  • Beyond the second ring: tools not supported by McGill that you may consider using

Know of any other tools? technology.tls [at] mcgill.ca (Let us know)!

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myCourses is McGill's learning management system (LMS). Instructors can use myCourses to share course materials, communicate with students, provide feedback to students, administer assignments and quizzes, and more. Click here to access the IT Knowledgebase and learn more about using myCourses.

Polling @ McGill (Student Response System)

Polling @ McGill (also known as the Student Response System or SRS, or previously known as clickers) is a technology-supported questioning strategy to assess students’ learning and encourage active classroom participation. Click here to learn more.

Active Learning Classrooms

Active Learning Classrooms are spaces that are designed to support teaching and learning in an atmosphere conducive to engaging students actively in their own learning. Click here to learn more.

Classroom Technology

Classroom technologies include room control systems, projectors, document cameras, DVD players, and more. Click here to access classroom A/V instructions.


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