T-Pulse, Faculty of Science


T-PULSE was established in July 2002 as part of a significant endowment to McGill from Canadian scientist and businessman Richard H. Tomlinson to support the development of more effective teaching methods for university level science students and the dissemination of these techniques to the professoriate.



T-PULSE is involved in several collaborations to enhance all aspects of science teaching and learning in the Faculty of Science and within the University.

T-PULSE is working on improving its workshops, increasing the amount and quality of clicker use in class, providing resources for students and teachers, and many other topics. More information about current and past projects can be found on the Projects page.


Become a High School Science Teacher!
(Science Education for Undergraduate Students)

McGill's Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education offer three programs of interest to students who may wish to become high school science teachers. For more information, follow this link: www.mcgill.ca/scienceforteachers .


More information

For additional background information on Dr Tomlinson and his generous gift, please click here and here.