Giuseppina Ursini-Siegel

Academic title(s): 

Investigator, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
Assistant Professor, Department of Oncology, McGill University
Associate Member, Department of Medicine, Division of Experimental Medicine, McGill University

Contact Information

Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research
Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte Ste-Catherine Road
Montreal, Quebec H3T 1E2

Email address: 
giuseppina.ursini-siegel [at]
Molecular modeling and new drug development: Development of Biological and Chemical Agents
New therapeutic trial designs in personalized medicine: Molecular Oncology
Current research: 

Dr. Ursini-Siegel's research is focused on elucidating the importance of the ShcA pathway in promoting tumor angiogenesis and the induction of an immunosuppressive state.