Use of Personal Vehicle

Important Information

Read before using your personal vehicle for university related activities

1. It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure that adequate insurance is in place for the use of a personal vehicle for a university related activity.

2. Personal vehicles are not covered by the University’s insurance policy.

3. Prior to using a personal vehicle for a University related activity, the traveler must contact their insurance provider to verify all conditions and limitations in their policy associated with such use.

4. There may be restrictions inherent in the policy with respect to use – other than personal – such as number of passengers and number of kilometers. Additional coverage may be required.

5. The University does not reimburse for additional personal insurance coverage or any other costs associated with a personal vehicle, except for the car allowance allocated on a per kilometer basis or gas usage based on receipts.

6. In the event of a claim, the owner of the vehicle will be required to approach his/her own insurer for reimbursement of expenses.

7. All costs incurred as the result of a collision or other physical damage to a personal vehicle is the responsibility of the traveler and are not reimbursable by the University.  Such costs may include but are not limited to: increases to premiums on driver's license, insurance costs and deductibles.

8. McGill’s Risk Mitigation and Insurance Unit recommend that there be a minimum of $1,000,000 third party liability insurance on the vehicle insurance policy.