Become a Tutor

The Tutorial Service is always looking for new tutors. We accept applications on an on-going basis throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to apply to tutor for any McGill course they have mastered.

Am I eligible to become a tutor?

We are looking for tutors with the following criteria:

  1. You must be currently enrolled in McGill courses
  2. You have obtained an A- or higher in the course(s) to be tutored*
  3. You have a CGPA of 3.2 or greater
  4. International students must have a valid Study Permit and Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.)

*If you have successfully completed courses at another university and are interested in tutoring these courses at McGill, you will be asked to provide supporting documents, such as:

  1. Transcript from the other university
  2. Course outline

Note: Students cannot tutor a course for which they are currently a teaching assistant or any other positions that may cause a conflict of interest.

How do I submit my application to tutor?

To become a tutor, you must first complete the online application form.

Once the application form and supporting documentation (if applicable) are received, if you meet the requirements, we will invite you to an interview.

Note: The form is restricted to the members of McGill University. To access the form, sign in using your McGill e-mail and password

What are my responsibilities as a tutor?

  1. Always treat your student with respect.
  2. Maintain confidentiality (e.g. do not share with other peers your students’ name, subsidy, etc.).
  3. Help your student better understand the course content that they are having difficulty with. You should not complete their homework or assignments for them.
  4. Be on time and prepared for your tutoring sessions by asking your student when scheduling the session which area of the course they would like to focus on.
  5. Cancel your session at least 24 hours in advance, if you are unable to attend. Cancelling more than 3 times per academic year without a 24-hour notice may cause you to be removed from our database.
  6. Keep track of the length of the session. Do not feel pressured to go beyond the agreed upon time as we understand that your time is also valuable. This will also help eliminate payment issues.
  7. Take charge of processes related to payment.
    1. If the student is not subsidized, they must pay you directly at the end of the tutoring session and no paperwork needs to be filled out or submitted to Tutorial Service.
    2. If the student is subsidized, you must bring a printed copy of the timesheet to the tutoring session for you and the student to fill out together. Once completed, you must submit it to Tutorial Service who will process it and pay you through direct deposit. Please submit completed timesheets on a weekly basis.
  8. Let the Tutorial Service staff know if you are no longer able to take additional students (either temporarily or permanently).
  9. Tutoring sessions are expected to be held in person, therefore, online sessions (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, etc.) will not be accepted.
  10. Only book one-on-one tutoring sessions. Group tutoring sessions will only be authorized in advance by Tutorial Service.
  11. Respect the Charter of Students' Rights and the Code of Student Conduct in all activities as a tutor.

How do I receive payment for tutoring sessions?

If you are tutoring a non-subsidized student, the student will pay you directly at the end of the tutoring session. 

If you are tutoring a subsidized student:

  1. Bring a timesheet to the tutoring session for you and the student to fill out. 
  2. Submit the time sheet to the Tutorial Service who will pay you directly.

Note: If the student is subsidized, you are required to submit time sheets on a weekly basis to ensure you are paid on time. You can submit your timesheet by tutoring.service [at] (e-mail) or in-person at the AskMcGill Kiosk (Brown Building, East Entrance Lobby).


If you have questions and/or concerns, we'd love to hear from you!