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Atmospheric Science

Group : Physical, Earth, Math & Computer Sciences
Can be taken as: Major, Minor, Honours, Liberal Program

Based largely on physics and applied mathematics, the undergraduate programs in Atmospheric Sciences will provide students with a background to help solve the challenging problems of short- and long-range weather and climate predictions, as well as global warming and air quality issues. Within this framework, students will learn about specific phenomena such as severe weather climate, climate variability, the ozone hole and air-sea interactions. The Major program satisfies the requirements for a professional career as a meteorologist, and like the Honours program equips the student to undertake postgraduate study in meteorology, atmospheric science, and related sciences (for example, physical oceanography) at any of the leading universities.

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Major Atmospheric Science (62 Credits)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Minor Atmospheric Science (18 Credits)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Liberal Program - Core Science Component Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (48 Credits)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Honours Atmospheric Science (74 Credits)