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Bioresource Engineering (Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Can be taken as: Major, Honours

Bioresource Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that integrates engineering, design and the biological sciences. It is a unique profession that applies engineering principles to the enhancement and sustainability of the world’s natural resources. Bioresource Engineers seek solutions to problems that involve plants, animals and the environment.

As a Bioresource Engineer you will have a tremendous number of opportunities available to you, all related to systems in which biological and technological components act together. Just a few examples are:

- Water resources development at the watershed or local level
- Ecosystems
- Agricultural machines or animal housing
- Golf course design
- Remote sensing and area planning
- Food production
- Fermentation

Of course, we fully recognize that no one can be an expert on everything. By choosing one of our five optional career streams, you can concentrate more on some aspects of Bioresource Engineering than on others:

1-BioEnvironmental Engineering
2-Soil and Water Engineering
3-Ecological Engineering
4-Food and Bioprocess Engineering
5-Agricultural Engineering

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Bachelor of Engineering (Bioresource) (B.Eng.(Bioresource)) - Major Bioresource Engineering (113 Credits)
Bachelor of Engineering (Bioresource) (B.Eng.(Bioresource)) - Honours Bioresource Engineering (113 Credits)