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Economics (Desautels Faculty of Management)

Can be taken as: Major, Honours

Studying Economics is an excellent way to develop one's quantitative ability, abstract reasoning, and knowledge of important features of the way the world works. How do societies decide what to produce, how much of each commodity to produce, who consumes what and how consumption patterns vary over time? How do individuals make decisions on their education, their work, on where they live, on how much of each good to consume, on how much to save and on how the savings are invested? What determines prices, exchange rates, interest rates and the level of inflation? How does the globalization of the Canadian economy affect various sectors of the Canadian economy? Economics students learn about these and many other issues central to the well-being of societies. Some economists focus on understanding why certain events occur; some try to devise and study economic policies that make a society better off, and yet others are involved in development of theoretical and statistical tools of analysis.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Major Economics for Management Students (63 Credits)
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Honours Economics (69 Credits)