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Environmental Biology

Can be taken as: Major, Honours

The Major in Environmental Biology offers a vibrant learning experience by using the unique setting of the Macdonald Campus, one of the largest green spaces on the Island of Montreal. In this environment, students receive extensive field training in the diversity, biology, conservation and ecology of a broad range of organisms, from plants, birds and mammals, to insects, fungi and microbes. Students in this major will study ecosystems, the species in these ecosystems, and how plants and animals adapt to a changing environment. In essence, this Major combines outdoor learning and faculty expertise in a first-rate suburban/rural environment, preparing graduating students well for careers as ecologists, field biologists, ecosystem scientists, or taxonomists.

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Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) (B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.)) - Major Environmental Biology (42 Credits)
Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) (B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.)) - Honours Environmental Biology (54 Credits)