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Information Systems - IT for Business

Can be taken as: Concentration

The Information Systems - IT for Business option is flexible and represents an ideal complement to the majors and concentrations of other areas, as information technology (IT) has the capacity to improve business and to transform industries. The IT for Business option emphasizes the importance of the interrelationships across technology, management, and strategy.

The objective is to prepare students to be effective leaders, users, and managers of IT in today's economy. Students of the IT for Business option are well positioned to participate in IT-driven changes that continue to affect knowledge work, business processes, organizational design, and the operation of markets and industries. IT offers fascinating and rewarding jobs and a wide variety of career paths. Career paths include jobs in consulting, IT management, business analysis, etc. in various industries, e.g., banking, healthcare, finance, education, government, etc.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) - Concentration in Information Systems: IT for Business (15 Credits)