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Managing for Sustainability

Can be taken as: Major, Concentration

The Major in Managing for Sustainability is designed for students who wish to combine managerial and business knowledge with a solid understanding of the interlinked economic, social and ecological challenges of achieving sustainability. It integrates management studies with fundamentals of environmental science and sustainability, and is offered in collaboration with the McGill School of Environment and the Department of Geography.

The Managing for Sustainability Concentration, helps students to develop conceptual and analytical skills needed to formulate and implement organizational policies that contribute to ecologically sustainable and socially responsible economic development. There is a growing demand for managers and professionals that combine traditional management and business skills with environmental knowledge and an understanding of social systems and stakeholder expectations. The emerging green economy will be an important source of innovation and jobs in the coming years.

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Major Managing for Sustainability (75 Credits)
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) - Concentration in Managing for Sustainability (15 Credits)