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The McGill Experience


Made to shape leaders

Ranked #1 in Canada, a McGill education stands among the very best.

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Immerse yourself in global perspectives

With 30 percent of students hailing from more than 150 different countries, McGill is a true mosaic of languages, cultures, and traditions. While we are an English-language university, 52 percent of our students are native speakers of French or other languages, and we have alumni chapters and partner organizations around the world—all giving you the opportunity to experience global perspectives first hand.

24% of students from 150 different countries




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Prepare to make your mark

Our students and faculty are fuelled by an unquenchable drive to bring game-changing ideas to life. Prepare to make your mark through hands-on learning, entrepreneurship training, research projects, internships with top-tier organizations, and field study placements around the world.

Earn a degree that opens doors

When you graduate from McGill, a worldwide network of more than 275,000 alumni will help open doors to exciting opportunities. Across the globe, employers know the value of students made by the McGill experience.