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Renewable Resource Management

Can be taken as: Domain

Renewable resource management is an emerging field that focuses on the ecosystem structures and processes required to sustain the delivery, to humanity, of ecosystem goods and services such as food, clean water and air, essential nutrients, and the provision of beauty and inspiration.

The Renewable Resource Management Domain provides students with an understanding of: 1) the interactions between physical and biological factors that determine the nature and dynamics of populations and entities in the natural environment; 2) the ways in which ecosystems can be managed to meet specific goals for the provision of goods and services; 3) the economic and social factors that determine how ecosystems are managed; 4) the ways in which management of natural resources can affect the capability of natural ecosystems to continue to supply human needs in perpetuity; and 5) the approaches and technologies required to monitor and analyze the dynamics of natural and managed ecosystems.

Note: This domain (63 credits including core) is open only to students in the B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.) Major in Environment or B.Sc. Major in Environment program. 

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Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Environmental Sciences) (B.Sc.(Ag.Env.Sc.)) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Major Environment - Renewable Resource Management (63 Credits)