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Social Work

Can be taken as: Professional Program

McGill University's School of Social Work prepares professionals to make contributions that make a difference in Montreal, across Canada, and around the world. The School of Social Work's emphasis is on critical thinking, research, practice and policy, with a focus on social justice on issues facing vulnerable and disadvantaged people. 

The objective of the Bachelor of Social Work Program is to provide an academic environment where students can develop:

  • integrated social work knowledge pertaining to history, theory, research, practice modalities, and policies that influence the delivery of health and social services;
  • professional skills in well-established methods of practice with individuals, families, and groups in communities and organizations;
  • understanding of the factors, processes and forces that form and govern social policy in Canada, and the skills to work towards policy improvement and change;
  • awareness of various dimensions of diversity and how they intersect in an increasingly heterogeneous society;
  • a sense of identity as an intervening agent in social work practice and a sense of responsibility that accompanies acts of intervention, and;
  • a commitment to advancing knowledge and improving skills within ethical social work practice that are the prerequisites for more advanced studies at the graduate level.

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Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) - Social Work (Three-Year Program) (90 Credits)