Borrowing from the Collection

Campus Loan Program

Offices around campus are encouraged to borrow from McGill’s Visual Arts Collection. Collection staff will assist you in borrowing artworks and having them installed securely and properly. We can also facilitate the safe removal and re-installation of artworks during location changes, office moves, or renovations. Artworks from the collection can complete the décor of department offices, reception areas, and faculty spaces.  Individuals are asked to agree to treat the works of art with respect and not remove or rehang them without assistance from Visual Arts Collection staff.

If you would like to borrow an artwork from the Collection, please fill out this web form. You will be added to a campus waiting list to begin the process.

Loans to Other Institutions

McGill University also welcomes requests from museums to borrow works from the Collection for exhibitions.

For loans to institutions, please contact gwendolyn.owens [at] (Gwendolyn Owens).

Planning a renovation? Changing offices? Please let us know in advance and we will make the necessary arrangements to move or store the art in your office or department. The Visual Arts Collection staff strives to ensure the safety of all artwork owned by McGill and appreciates your cooperation. Contact us.