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Internship spotlight: Tamara Yang

11 Aug 2017

My name is Tamara Yang, and I’m entering my third year of my joint honours program - double majoring in political science and international development studies....

Interview with Shurabi Srikaruna

21 Jul 2017

Shurabi Srikaruna is a U3 Economics student doing a double minor in Management and International Development at McGill. During the summer of 2015, Shurabi interned at the Canadian Chamber of...

Interview with Jonathan Lopez

21 Jul 2017

Jonathan Lopez is a U2 Joint Honours Political Science and International Development Studies student at McGill. During the summer of 2015, Jonathan worked at the Office of the United Nations High...

Interview with Alex Shadeed

21 Jul 2017

Alex Shadeed is a U3 Political Science and IDS student at McGill. During the summer of 2015, he worked as a Social Media and Communications Intern at the Montreal-based NGO Academics Without...