Courses, field studies, key dates, and other information about the 2018 Summer term is now available on the eCalendar!

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Published on: 24 Jan 2018



This 2018 Winter semester, CIRM’s Professor of Practice of the McConnell Foundation, Gorka Espiau, will be teaching a seminar – URBP 542 New Social Innovation Dynamicsat the School of Urban Planning of McGill University.

The one credit seminar will be held January 16th, 18th, 22nd and 23rd 2018, from 6:05 to 8:55 p.m.:


January 16th    Introduction to Social Innovation: Theory and Practice.

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Published on: 11 Dec 2017

Programs, courses, and other Undergraduate and Health Sciences information has been updated to reflect new program offerings and academic info for 2017–18 on the eCalendar! Browse to your specific academic unit via the Faculties & Schools overview to find out more.

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Published on: 22 Aug 2017

Academic information is now available for the 2017–18 academic year's Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies at McGill!

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Published on: 25 Jul 2017

Programs, courses, and academic information for Continuing Studies have been updated to reflect new offerings for the 2017–18 academic year! Refer to the School of Continuing Studies section and Areas of Study page in the eCalendar to find out more.

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Published on: 16 Jun 2017

Academic information for McGill's Undergraduate/professional Health Sciences is now available for the 2017–18 academic year!

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Published on: 24 May 2017

Whatever your goals and current situation, the School of Continuing Studies has something for you! Browse programs and courses—as well as how to apply and registerhere, and learn more about what's offered through the various areas of study.

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Published on: 26 Apr 2017

Undergraduates can find academic info for Fall 2017–Summer 2018 on the eCalendarbrowse each faculty section or search the entire site for program requirements; course availability; departmental & advising contacts; and other undergraduate academic information!

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Published on: 16 Mar 2017