Upcoming Productions:

Richard III

March 29-31 and April 5-7, at 7:30PM

(Please note: There are no Saturday performances)

Tickets: $10 | Box office: (514) 398 6070 
Moyse Hall Theatre
McGill University Campus, Arts Building 853 Sherbrooke St. Ouest, Montréal QC

"I am determined to prove a villain / And hate the idle pleasures of these days."

Reviled and cursed, Richard III is Shakespeare's greatest anti-hero, a sinister court jester, and our charming confidante in a bloody tale of murder, betrayal and war on an epic scale.

Our production boldly re-envisions Richard III as a violent, psychedelic world of ghosts and prophesy, where murderers lurk in the shadows and mourning widows glide, haunted, through empty spaces. 

In this nightmarish theatrical vision, created by an ensemble of masked storytellers, our Richard is indeed three, merging and splintering within the unbounded landscape of his tormented imagination.  As Richard embraces treachery and evil, the limits of realism, and Richard’s own selves, are shattered. 

The McGill University Department of English Drama & Theatre Program is dedicated to providing students with practical theatrical experience. The year-long Theatre Laboratory course prepares the actors, while classes in Stage, Scenery and Lighting as well as Costuming for the Theatre train students in technical theatre. Together, their work culminates in this production of Richard III.

The Rover

A Comedy by Aphra Behn

November 16-18 and 23-25, 2016 at 7:30PM

Tickets: $10 | Box office: (514) 398 6070 
Moyse Hall Theatre
McGill University Campus, Arts Building 853 Sherbrooke St. Ouest, Montréal QC

The Department of English Drama and Theatre program at McGill University invites you to Aphra Behn’s classic Restoration comedy of love and seduction: The Rover.
Set in Naples during Carnival season, The Rover tells the story of three young noblewomen who seek to flee from the oppression of their family in search of true love – and the costumes and disguises of Carnival give them just the chance they have been looking for. 
Meanwhile a group of riotous English cavaliers on shore-leave arrive in town looking for trouble.
When they all meet during the Carnival masquerade, the result is a sexually-charged romantic comedy of errors, one full of amorous adventures, deception, intrigue, heartbreak, laughter, danger . . .
and some very unexpected twists and turns.
Aphra Behn was England’s first professional woman writer, lauded in her day for her comic genius and her scandalous sense of humor.  
The Rover is her most successful play, so popular with audiences that it enjoyed an extended run (and even a sequel), and multiple recent revivals.
We are pleased to bring you our high-spirited and fast-paced interpretation of this Restoration sensation.