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2017 Experimental Surgery Research Day 

There were approximately 80 participants this year. Our invited speaker, Dr Rocky Tuan  and Arthur J. Rooney presented on the application of adult stem cells and 3D biomimetic scaffolds for skeletal tissue engineering and regeneration. Meet the Mentors sessions covered topics such as how to be a successful graduate student, commercialization and innovation, how to get published etc. followed by a dinner and awards ceremony. 


28th Fraser Gurd Research Day 2017
Abstract Submission Is Now Open: Deadline March 31

The research presentation competition is open to all students, residents and post-docs in the Department of Surgery.  Talks will be assigned to either formal Oral Presentations or shorter Quick Shot style Presentations. 

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Masters in Experimental Surgery

M.Sc. in Experimental Surgery's core stream graduate program has long been recognized as one of the strongest training programs in the area of surgical research in Canada, and has a reputation for training some of the most well-known research leaders in surgical research.

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Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Program

We now offer a cross-disciplinary graduate program in Surgical Innovation that equips trainees to enter the clinical technology sector.  The program is delivered jointly by McGill, Concordia and the École de technologie supérieure, bringing together expertise in business, engineering, computer science and surgery. 

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Application Deadlines for Fall 2017:
For International Students: April 30, 2017
For Domestic Students: June 15, 2017

Surgical Education

We now offer a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Experimental Surgery (Thesis) with Surgical Education concentration which been specifically designed for the Healthcare Professional to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of Surgical Education. 

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Application Deadlines for Fall 2017:
For International Students: April 30, 2017
For Domestic Students: June 15, 2017

Global Surgery

We now offer a Master of Science (M.Sc.) Experimental Surgery (Thesis) with Global Surgery concentration. This program emphasizes health care needs specifically within the surgical field in resource-limited settings.

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Application Deadlines for Fall 2017:
For International Students: April 30, 2017
For Domestic Students: June 15, 2017

Surgical Innovation: Masters, Diploma & Certificate Programs

Learn the clinical innovation process embedded in our Surgeon-Scientist-Entrepreneur innovation teams.

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Innovation at the Cutting Edge funded by NSERC

Research project led by RI-MUHC scientist gets $1.65 M from NSERC for training project CREATE project to prepare students for high-skills work in surgical-devices industry.

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Orthopaedics Lab

Dr Lisbet Haglund and PhD Candidate Rahul Gawri from the Orthopedic Research Laboratory.

Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory

Dr Anie Philip's Laboratory - Skin and Cartilage Research

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Dr. Hemmerling's Lab

Dr. Hemmerling's ITAG research lab develops new technologies (robots) for anesthesia and surgery...there are (rare) off days, too... (left to right) Dr TM Hemmerling, Dre Nora Terrasini, Dre Shantale Cyr, Christophe Philippona, Mohamad Wehbe.


Dr Tanzer's Lab

MSc candidate Jenny Ann Pura, from Dr Tanzer's laboratory, polishing samples for SEM.


Fraser Gurd Day 2017

The Fraser Gurd Day 2017 will be held on Thursday, May 25th 2017 - SAVE THE DATE!

In this picture: Dr Lorenzo Ferri's Laboratory Group at a past Fraser Gurd Day. The Research Group focuses on the Leukocyte Function in Sepsis Influence of Systemic Inflammation In Cancer Metastasis.


Leading medical device entrepreneur joins Dept. of Surgery

Prominent McGill alumnus Steve Arless returned to his alma mater this fall as Professor of Practice in the Faculty of Medicine as part of the new, cutting-edge, Surgical Innovation Program.

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Dr Barralet's Lab 

Dr Barralet's Lab specializes in bioceramics, in particular; low temperature syntheses of nanocrystalline and amorphous inorganics, cold setting materials (cements) and precipitation to create new or improved materials or devices for tissue repair or delivery.

Import Dates & Events

29th Fraser Gurd Research Day 2018


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Application Deadlines for  Winter 2018

International Students - September 1, 2017
Domestic Students: November 1, 2017

Email gradstudies.surgery [at] mcgill.ca (Gradstudies Surgery) for more information!

Application Deadlines for Fall 2018

International Students - April 2, 2018

Domestic Students - June 8, 2018



The Experimental Surgery new and improved EXSU 684 (3)  Signal Transduction Course  (Fall term) is aimed at making students proficient in the language of signaling.

The course features all the major signaling pathways and are taught by renowned McGill professors who are world leaders in their fields.