Trigger Warning: This website addresses sexual assault, sexual harassment and related forms of violence. The information provided on this site may be emotionally triggering for some people.

If you would like to speak with someone immediately, support resources are available at McGill and throughout the Montreal community.

The Office for Sexual Violence Response, Support and Education provides confidential, non-judgmental and non-directional support and education to students, faculty and staff of all genders who have been impacted by sexual violence.

Our office is committed to working towards the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence while fostering a culture of consent at McGill

Sexual violence and its consequences disproportionately affect members of social groups based on their intersecting experiences of oppression.  Our work is informed by a survivor-centred, feminist and intersectional lens, and we seek to empower individuals impacted by sexual violence in making informed decisions based on their identified needs. 

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