Max Evans

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

Contact Information
Email address: 
max.evans [at]
  • PhD in Information Studies (Knowledge Management), Collaborative Program (PhD) in Knowledge Media Design, University of Toronto. Thesis: Knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Study of the Role of Trust and Other Social-Cognitive Factors in an Organizational Setting
  • MISt (Information Systems), Collaborative Program (MISt) in Knowledge Media Design, University of Toronto
  • BS in Marketing (International Business); Minor in Philosophy, Northern Illinois University
Professional activities: 
  • McGill University liaison, SLA (Special Libraries Association) Eastern Canada Chapter
  • Member, Journal of Knowledge Management Editorial Board
Research areas: 
Information & knowledge management
Knowledge continuity management & succession planning
Knowledge sharing (human, social & technological enablers)
Organizational trust & trust management
Tacit knowledge management
Current research: 

AGE-WELL. Networks of Centres of Excellence
 (NCE) Supporting our aging workforce: Design requirements for novel retiree continuity management support systems. Project Lead: Max Evans. Co-Lead: Karyn Moffatt. Network Investigator: Anthony Wensley.



SSHRC. Continuity Management: Towards a Holistic Framework for Capturing and Transitioning Inter-generational Information and Knowledge. Principal Investigator: Max Evans, Social Sciences and Humanities Development Grants Program. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


McGill Start-Up Funds. What does Knowledge Look Like? Principal Investigator: M. Max Evans


Knowledge Media Design Institute & the Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology, University of Toronto. Global Knowledge Survey. Principal Investigator: Peter Heisig, STC, Leeds University Business School


SSHRCC. Information Seeking and Use in Early Warning. Principal Investigator: Chun Wei Choo, University of Toronto


SSHRCC. Information Seeking and Use in Group Knowledge Work. Principal Investigator: Chun Wei Choo, University of Toronto

Selected publications: 

Bowen T., & Evans M.M. (Accepted). What does knowledge look like? Interpreting diagrams as contemporary hieroglyphics. Submitted to: Visual Communications Journal. 

Bowen T., & Evans M.M. (Accepted). Visual Metaphors and shared understanding in the graphic representations of the abstract concept of knowledge. Submitted to: The 67th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association.

de Geofroy, Z., & Evans, M.M. (In Press). Are emotionally intelligent employees less likely to hide knowledge?. Knowledge and Process Management. doi:10.1002/kpm.1532

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