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William & Mary Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3



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Contact the Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students

William & Mary Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish Street, Suite 4100
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3



Name Position Phone
martine.gauthier [at] (Martine Gauthier) Executive Director, Services for Students 398-2128
kyla.hosie [at] (Kyla Hosie) Assistant to the Executive Director, Services for Students 398-4430
Assessment, Learning and Evaluation
lina.digenova [at] (Lina Di Genova ) Associate Director, Assessment, Learning and Evaluation 398-7072
timothy.wilfong [at] (Tim Wilfong) Co-Curricular Records Administrator 398-2073
ariunaa.bayarsaikhan [at] (Ariunaa Bayarsaikhan) Project Officer 398-1942
evelina.balut [at] (Evelina Balut) Director of Operations 398-1869

vanessa.anzovino [at] (Vanessa Anzovino)

Administrative Coordinator / Deputy Building Director


rosella.destefano [at] (Rosella De Stefano) Manager, Finance 398-3694
nancy.furlano [at] (Nancy Furlano)

Senior Administrative Coordinator (on leave)

amanda.drake [at] (Amanda Drake) Financial Administrator (on leave) 398-4918
wila.anderson [at] (Wila Anderson) Human Resources Advisor 398-1856
audrey.derepentigny [at] (Audrey De Repentigny) Human Resources Coordinator 398-3671
janita.jeganathan [at] (Janita Jeganathan) Human Resources Coordinator 398-1893
beri.lainjo [at] (Beri Lainjo) Portfolio Manager 398-2846
joanne.galloway [at] (Joanne Galloway) Project Assistant 398-6323
rojarra.armbrister [at] (Rojarra Armbrister) Communications Administrator TBC

Contact Individual Services

Service / Email





Director/Manager Phone Fax [at] (Student Services) Brown 4100, East Wing   Martine Gauthier 398-3825 398-3857
lina.digenova [at] (Assessment, Learning and Evaluation) Brown 4100, East Wing   Lina Di Genova 398-7072 398-3857
cle [at] (Campus Life & Engagement) Brown 3100, East Wing   Ian Simmie 398-3421 398-6944
career.caps [at] (Career Planning Service (CaPS))

Brown 2200, East Wing

CC1-124 Darlene Hnatchuk 398-2940 398-1831
counselling.service [at] (Counselling Services) 

Brown 4200, East Wing

CC1-124 Vera Romano 398-3601 398-8149
firstpeopleshouse [at] (First Peoples' House) 3505 Peel   Allan Vicaire 398-3217 398-3857
Student Health Service

Brown 3300, West Wing

CC1-124 Hashana Perera 398-6017 398-2559
international.students [at] (International Student Services) Brown 5100, East Wing   Pauline L'Écuyer 398-4349 398-7352
stuserv.macdonald [at] (Macdonald Student Services)   CC1-124 Sylvie Lapointe 398-7992 398-7610
morsl [at] (Office of Religious and Spiritual Life ) Presbyterian College, 2nd Floor
3495 University Street

Rev. Judith Myokyo McLean and Imam Salam Elmenyawi (Interim Co-Directors)

514-845-1331 -
disabilities.students [at] (Office for Students with Disabilities)

Redpath Library Building (3459 McTavish)

Room RS56

  Teri Phillips 398-6009 398-3984
psychiatricservices [at] (Psychiatric Services) Brown 5500, West Wing  

Karin Goddard/Lynne Peters (Interim Clinical Co-Directors)

398-6019 398-5529
student.aid [at] (Scholarships & Student Aid Office)

Brown 3200, East Wing


CC1-124 Cara Piperni


tutorial.service [at] (Tutorial Service) Brown 4200, East Wing   Vera Romano 398-5816 398-8149