MA Programs


The Master's degree is normally considered a step towards Ph.D. studies and students are encouraged to progress rapidly in the program. It provides students with instruction in theory and method required to do anthropological research and provides them with the opportunity to carry out independent fieldwork or library research. There are several alternative MA programs:

1) MA in Anthropology with a focus in Socio-Cultural Studies.

2) MA in Medical Anthropology.

The MA program in Medical Anthropology is open to a small number of students with backgrounds in either the social sciences and the medical professions or the medical sciences. It conforms to the general philiosophy of Master's studies in our Department, but involves some special requirements and options due to its transdisciplinary nature. Different MA programs are offered for students who have a strong academic background in anthropology and those who do not.

The MA program in Medical Anthropology combines the strengths of the Anthropology Department in cultural analysis and in the anthropology of development with the broad resources of McGill's Department of Social Studies of Medicine (SSOM), and the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry, in the Faculty of Medicine. Various research projects offer research opportunities and training in research methodologies, and limited financial support for graduate students. In addition to McGill's library collections in anthropology in general, there are excellent bibliographical resources at the Medical Library and the Osler Library of the History of Medicine.

3) MA with the Development Studies Option (DSO).

4) MA with the Gender and Women's Studies Option.

5) MA with the Environment Option.

The ideal time for completion of the MA with thesis program is approximately 20 months, but it could be as short as 12 months. The first academic year entails the completion of the course requirements and the presentation of a research proposal. The research itself is normally done during the summer. The second academic year is devoted to the writing of the thesis which ideally should be submitted in time for the spring convocation of the second year of graduate study. MA with research paper is normally completed in 3 terms (12 months).