Master Grad Hive


2001 McGill College, Room 735

Are you a Masters’ student ready to start exploring your career options with a group of your graduate student peers? Have a little bit of an idea of what you want to do in the future?

Take the sting out of the job hunt by joining the Grad Hive (Master’s Edition)!

The Masters’ Grad Hive is a 3-part Design Thinking workshop on career development for Masters’ students from across disciplines.

The curriculum will include workshops, hands-on experiential learning opportunities, and self-reflection activities tailored specifically for Masters students who have some idea of what they want to do after graduation. Topics will include career exploration, skills, interests, and values identification, effective communication and self-promotion, and questions about academic and non-academic career paths.

Location: 2001 McGill College, Room 735
Date: October 17th, Nov 14 and Nov 28
Time: 2pm - 4pm

By registering for the Oct 17th session you are automatically enrolled for all three sessions.

Please register through myFuture only if you can attend all three 3 sessions. on Oct 17, Nov 14 and Nov 28 from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Design thinking : a good way to approach doing something brand new.

Career exploration and career building is a long process. Sometimes you want more information and options, sometimes you want less info, and really want to dig deep and test out your options. Sometimes you want to brainstorm on your own, and other times, you want feedback and input from people with different experiences. Sometimes you may feel free to ideate and come up with creative ideas, and in others, you might feel stuck.

Your values, skills, and interests are constantly shifting, as well as your circumstances, however many modes of rational, realist problem-solving don’t typically operate with a flexibility that accounts for these personal evolutions and changes along the way.

Design thinking, a set of principles, approaches, and tools used by designers to deal with frustrating, constantly evolving, or even unsolvable problems, can.

Designers have a host of tools to help them get “unstuck.” In the Grad Hive we will be working “like designers” in a closed group of your Masters peers to:

- reframe dysfunctional beliefs about career paths

- free up your mind to articulate your wildest life dreams and take them all seriously

- be curious and build strategies for exploring opportunities

- brainstorm for ways to try out and prototype careers

- radical collaboration: create community with other graduate students who are all trying to do the same thing – to design a life that makes them happy.

One of the most important threads of the three-session program is collecting clues: we will be working together, individually and in our groups, to explore career paths and ourselves. Throughout the Grad Hive, we will be collecting clues about our skills, interests, and values: all essential components of life design and career exploration.

For more, check out Bill Burnett’s Designing your Life Ted Talk on the course he teaches at the Stanford School of Design.

Who is the Grad Hive for?

If you are open-minded and like trying new things

If you enjoy working in groups

If you are ready to take seriously your daydreams about your life

If you are curious

If you are think career education is about more than finding a job

The Grad Hive is for you


If the Grad Hive doesn’t appeal to you but you are interested in Design Thinking, you can meet with a CaPS grad career advisor individually for career advising. As there is limited space in the group, and the program builds on itself with every session, we ask those who register commit to attending all three sessions.


The Grad Hive coordinators are committed to making our events as accessible and barrier-free as possible. Please let us know if you have any accessibility needs or require accommodations to participate by contacting careers.caps [at]

Scent-Free Policy: Help us keep the air we share healthy and fragrance-free. Chemicals used in scented products such as hair spray, perfume, cologne, and deodorant can make some people sick and trigger reactions such as respiratory distress and headaches. Please do not use these products, or choose unscented versions, when coming to events.