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2012 Tuition Tax Slips now available – print directly from Minerva.

 2012 Tuition Tax slips are now available under the Students Accounts Menu in Minerva. Note: To print, log into Minerva directly at, access and print the slips.  Accessing Minerva through myMcGill gives unsatisfactory printing results.

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Published on: 21 Feb 2013

From Morton Mendelson, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)

As you know, the new provincial government has issued a cabinet decree rolling back the tuition increases established by the former Liberal government.

As indicated in previous communications, McGill will credit student accounts, and students will be able to request refunds according to established practices, once the government has officially informed us of the measures it has taken and what the new tuition rate will be.

Published on: 28 Sep 2012

Once McGill has been officially notified of the government decree cancelling some recent increases in tuition, and once we understand the details of how these adjustments in tuition will be made and to whom they apply, we will then begin the process of adjusting student accounts to reflect the changes. As is always the case, students can apply for a refund, using a refund request form on the Minerva portal, but they can also simply leave the balance on credit in their account to be applied to future charges.

Published on: 21 Sep 2012