Scholarships and financial information

The Department ensures that all graduate students receive support to enable them to pursue their studies. Considering McGill University's low tuition rates and Montreal’s low costs of living, this support ranks among the most competitive in all of Canada. Financial support may be provided through Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Stipends and Fellowships/Scholarships.


The annual funding package for graduate students (PhD 1 to PhD 4 and MSc 1 to 1.5) is valued at $25,000. This may consist of one or more of external scholarships, graduate fellowships, stipends from research grants, and salary from employment such as teaching assistantships. This is reduced to $24,000 for additional session students (MSc 1.5+ and PhD 5+).   Support is guaranteed for 2.5 years in the MSc and 5 years in the PhD.

Funding is subject to satisfactory performance.


Fee scholarships

Students paying the Fee Supplements (Out-of-Province and International) will receive a scholarship to offset those costs.


Supplementary funding for FRQNT B1, FRQNT B2, NSERC CGSM, NSERC PGSD holders

Students who hold one of these scholarships will receive a fee waiver covering tuition only (does not include Student Services and Fees or Insurance). The present value of this award is $2,544 per year. They will also be awarded an extra $2,500 each year they hold the award.