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October 27, 2017 (day 1)


9:30-10:00 Registration, Tanna Lobby

*A bonus event at the symposium will be an open masterclass (co-presented by the festival « Les ateliers contemporains ») with conductor Guillaume Bourgogne of Seven Images for Twenty-two Players (1971), featuring the McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble, 9:00-10:00am Pollack Hall


10:00   Opening of Cherney Score Exhibition in the Marvin Duchow Library

            Welcome message from Aiyun Huang

            Introduction on the exhibition - remarks by Cynthia Leive 


11:00-12:30     Conference Session #1, A832 - Session Chair: Taylor Brook

1100-11:30      David Adamcyk: “Mind and God in Cherney’s Illuminations” 

11:30-12:00     Brian Cherney: “How I Might Have Become a Composer”

12:00-12:30     David Jaeger: “Commissioning Brian Cherney's String Trio”


12:30: 1:30      Lunch (Faculty Lounge, A833)


1:30-3:00         Conference Session #2, A832 - Session Chair: Chris Paul Harman

1:30-2:00         Zosha Di Castri: “Music as Refuge: Stillness in Brian Cherney’s Mature Piano Works

2:00-2:30         Taylor Brook: “Meaning and Expression in the Chamber Music of Brian Cherney”

2:30-3:00         John Beckwith: “Brian Cherney as composer and collaborator”


3:00-3:30         Coffee break, A833


3:30-4:30         Conference Session #3, A832 - Session Chair: Zosha Di Castri

3:30-4:00         Robin Elliott: “Brian Cherney as Scholar and Creative Artist”

4:00-4:30         Matthew Ricketts: “Text—Textures—Intertexts: Brian Cherney’s Transfiguration


5:00-6:00         Concert #1, Tanna Hall (curated through Call-for-proposals)

            Doppelgänger (1991) for two flutes — Claire Marchand & Marilène Provencher-Leduc, flutes

            Gan Eden (1983) for violin and piano — Wapiti Ensemble

            Shekhinah (1988) for viola solo — Marina Thibeault, viola


6:00-7:00         Cocktail hour, Tanna Lobby 


October 28, 2017 (day 2)


10:30-12:30     Conference #4, A832 - Session Chair: Matthew Ricketts

10:30-11:00     Arlan N. Schultz: “Brian Cherney: Transcendent Pedagogy and the Spiritualization of Technique”

11:00-11:30     Christoph Neidhofer: “Ontological and Psychological Time in Brian Cherney’s String Quartet No. 4”

11:30-12:00     Anton Vishio: “‘I dig through to you’: Brian Cherney, Paul Celan, and a Music of Witness”

12:00-12:30     Brian Cherney in Conversation with Chris Paul Harman


12:30-2:00       Lunch, A833


2:00-4:00         Concert #2, Tanna Hall

            Like Ghosts from an Enchanter Fleeing (1993) — Chloé Dominguez, cello; Jean Marchand, piano

            Twenty-Two Arguments for the Suspension of Disbelief (2010) — Nu:BC


            String Trio (1976) — Joshua Peters (violin), Marina Thibeault (viola), Carmen Bruno (cello)

            Quartet No. 3 (1985) — Molinari Quartet


7:30pm             Concert #3, Pollack Hall

            Seven Images for Twenty-two Players (1971) — McGill Contemporary Music Ensemble (director: Guillaume Bourgogne)

            Tombeau (1996) — Julia Den Boer, piano


            In Gottes Gärten schweigen die Engel (2006; revised 2017) — McGill Percussion Ensemble with Paul Vaillancourt and Jessica Gauthier (soprano)

            Playing for Time (1981) — Kyoko Hashimoto (piano), Aiyun Huang (percussion), Jacqueline Leclair (oboe)


9:30-10:30pm    Closing Reception, Clara Hall