Graduate Certificate (Gr. Cert.) Entrepreneurship

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Required Courses
CEN2 500 New Venture Formation. (3 credits)
Fall 2018, Winter 2019
Essential business acumen required to plan and launch a new venture. The various facets of entrepreneurship dealing with idea generation, valuation techniques, funding, data sources, intellectual property, legalities and business plan development will be explored.
CEN2 505 Sales and Negotiation Strategies. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
Identify target customers, crystalize the venture’s customer value proposition, and develop an effective sales plan. Also, “win-win” business negotiation techniques will be reviewed.
CEN2 506 Financing Startups and Ventures. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
Selecting and securing venture financing by evaluating the different sources of equity and debt financing (including Government financial assistance programs). Capital planning, valuation and financing deal structure will also be covered.
CEN2 510 Practical Entrepreneurship Management. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
This application-based course provides students with hands-on experience in planning a new venture in its entirety. Students will work in teams to develop a new start-up idea project during the term.
Complementary Course
CGM2 510 Project Management: Tools and Techniques. (3 credits)
Spring/Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring/Summer 2019
Focus on main concepts and theories of project management from initiation to close-out. Topics include: project life cycle, planning, scheduling, implementing, monitoring, controlling, close-out and ethics. The concepts presented apply to projects of various sizes, types and degrees of complexity.
CMIS 530 Digital Analytics and Targeting. (3 credits)
Fall 2018
Covers fundamental techniques in measuring and analysing the digital marketing experience success and effectiveness as well as using audience data to improve advertising and content using targeting and experiments. How to measure, analyze, and act upon the evolving internet technologies and trends.
CMIS 542 Strategic Internet Marketing. (3 credits)
Introduction to electronic marketplaces and their evolving role in e-business focusing predominantly on the use of general and vertical marketplaces by businesses. Social media marketing including new channels of marketing, advertising and communication will also be discussed.
CMIS 544 Digital Marketing Automation, Planning and Technology. (3 credits)
Winter 2019
Covers the fundamental concepts needed to develop a digital marketing plan. Enables students to gain an understanding of market behaviour, translation of corporate goals into digital marketing objectives, basic overview of various strategic approaches to align to objectives, as well as implementation and control.
CMS2 521 Applied Management Statistics. (3 credits)
Spring/Summer 2018, Fall 2018, Winter 2019
Statistical methods used in a variety of business situations, emphasizing application and providing a working knowledge of the most widely-used techniques. Topics include descriptive statistics; probability distributions; sampling procedures and distributions; inferential statistics including estimation; hypothesis testing and Anova; simple linear, multiple regression and correlation; time series and forecasting.
CPL2 524 Introduction: International Business. (3 credits)
Fall 2018, Winter 2019
This course deals with fundamental international business issues: the international business environment, foreign exchange risk, multinational corporations, international organizations, international sources of financing, international marketing policies, essential factors to be considered when entering foreign markets (licensing and exporting) and international management.
“The program helped me a lot, and it’s still helping me. One of the courses, Financing a New Business, showed us how to look for funding and told us about places that would help the kind of business that I’m opening. If you don’t know where to begin, or don’t have the business background you need, you can acquire it with this program.”
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Graduate Certificate in Entrepeneurship


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