Professional Development Certificate in Collaboration and Productivity

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Required Courses
YCBS 216 Interpersonal Skills for Professionals (4.5 CEUs)
The objective is to help learners develop effective interpersonal skills. Emphasis is placed on the following areas: communication styles, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, working with teams and influencing others, workplace diversity and intercultural communication, presentation skills, and facilitation skills. As a result of acquiring and developing these interpersonal skills, learners can increase their overall professional effectiveness.
YCBS 276 Innovation and Creativity for Entrepreneurs (4 CEUs)
Introduction to innovation and creativity, business model innovation, opportunity forecasting methods, design and development of new products and services. A variety of creativity and innovation tools will be introduced, including design thinking, the business model canvas, the concept of minimum viable product, and agile product development.
YCCM 208 Professional Writing in Business (4.5 CEUs)
Concepts and principles of effective written communication: audience, purpose, organization, and style. Emphasis on business documents commonly produced by professionals (e.g., project and business plans, reports, status updates, proposals, analyses). Pre-writing and re-writing processes, including self-editing to enhance clarity, conciseness, and coherence. Audio-recorded instructor feedback.
YCBS 259 Systems Thinking and Modelling
Introduction to the fundamental concepts and tools of systems thinking, modelling, and change. Structure and behavior of dynamic systems. Organizations as dynamic systems; solving complex challenges in organizations with systems thinking and modelling; simulation models.
One Complementary Course from the following:
YCBS 110 Current Trends in Digital Communication (4.5 CEUs)
Whether you have experience with digital applications or not, this course will ensure your grasp of digital media is solid and up-to- date.
YCBS 204 Effective Public Speaking (6 CEUs)
Give persuasive presentations that hold your audience’s attention.
YCBS 221 Leading Sustainable Change (6 CEUs)
This course explores issues related to change management including models of change management, keys to successful change processes, change leadership structures, common change management techniques, integrating change management considerations into consulting programs and proposals, choosing the intervention and getting client buy-in. A substantial proportion of the class time is devoted to discussions, role-plays, case study exercises, and participant-facilitated discussions.
YCBS 243 Introduction to Business Analytics & Data Modelling (4 CEUs)
This course will explore the fundamental analytic methods and tools used to collect, analyze and interpret business data to gain insight into and inform business decision-making. Special emphasis is placed on data modeling tools and techniques used by business analysts to accurately define and communicate business requirements , and to determine relationships, business rules and data management methods for any project.
YCBS 254 Introduction to Agile Project Management (3 CEUs)
This introductory course provides an overview of Agile concepts, principles, and methodologies in project management. Emphasis will be placed on how the Agile approach can help project teams adapt to constantly changing market demands and client requirements.


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