Looking to sharpen specific skills and accelerate your performance? Taught by industry experts, our practical one-, two-, or three-day workshops are for you.


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Featured Workshop

February 2019
Write Better - Speak Better

This workshop introduces participants to fundamental theories and practices of communication in today’s demanding and ever-changing workplace.

Negotiation Skills

This workshop is for any professional who wants to learn the essential techniques of negotiating a contract.

March 2019
Budgeting and Forecasting: Understanding your Numbers

This course covers core budgeting concepts: costing methods, budget process, capital budgeting, revenue forecasting, cost accounting, budget analysis and the balanced scorecard.

Contract Law for Non-Lawyers

This workshop will provide an overview of contract law. Through an intellectually stimulating and fun series of exercises, the subject of contract law will be divulged and explained in simple language.

Project Management Essentials

This skill-based workshop offers a practical ‘starter kit’ for participants in the form of tools and insights. 

Communicating for Results

Improving communication skills can lead to increases in work or life satisfaction, as well as to the attainment of professional or personal goals.

Coaching as a Management Skill

This interactive workshop offers managers an opportunity to envision how they can develop a coaching culture by discovering the inherent benefits of a “solution-focused” model of coaching.

April 2019
Making Teamwork work

This workshop is designed to help people become better team members or leaders through the development of their awareness and teamwork skills.

Employee Engagement Through Leadership

Using experiential learning approach, this approach will provide an opportunity to examine two different types of leadership-Leaders as Energizers and Leaders as Multipliers in relation to Employee Engagement.

Time Management: Making Time Work For You

Learn proven time management tools, techniques, and tips that will help you to reduce personal stress and increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace and personal lives.

Financial Accounting Essentials

This practical course aims to introduce fundamental accounting principles that govern the financial accounting system.

Conflict Resolution

The workshop will include analytical and practical tips on how to resolve conflict, and how to manage conflict when resolution is not possible.

Customer Journey Mapping

We will take a systematic approach to deconstructing your customer's journey from pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase.

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