Supporting Documents

IMPORTANT: The deadline to submit ALL supporting documents is November 3rd (11:59 pm - EST). Incomplete applications will be cancelled after that date.


1. Transcripts from every post-secondary institution

Academic records from every post-secondary institution (including exchange or study-abroad sessions) are required as part of the supporting documents of your application.  An unofficial copy of each transcript can be uploaded via Minerva.  

Please note that unofficial copies of transcripts must include the following information:

-        name of the University

-        name and type of program

-        student's name

-        grades, credits, semesters


Important: Our Admissions Office reserves the right to require official academic records at any time during the admissions process, and refuse admission, or rescind any offer of admission made if discrepancies between unofficial and official record(s) are found. Official transcripts sent to McGill University become the property of the University and will not be returned or forwarded to other institutions.

Transcripts written in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by a certified translation.

Current and former McGill University students are not required to send transcripts by mail. McGill's admitting office obtains these directly.

If requested, official copies of transcripts should be sent to:

McGill University
Faculty of Dentistry
Admissions Office

2001 McGill College Avenue
Suite 500
Montreal, Quebec
Canada, H3A 1G1


2. Academic History Workbook

Download the workbook provided below and complete it with your academic history, including your course history. A guide has been provided (see below) to help you in completing this workbook.

Note that the McGill calculated GPA is an estimation, and all applications will be verified internally where a precise McGill GPA will be calculated. This document cannot be uploaded and has to be sent by email to undergrad.dentistry [at] Before submitting your final workbook, please ensure that you rename the file as indicated in section 6 of the Academic History Workbook.


DOWNLOAD THE WORKBOOK (Fall 2019 entry) ► File academic_workbook_dentistry_201909_v6.4.6.xlsx

DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE ► PDF icon dentistry_workbook_user_guide_en_201909v1.pdf


This guide describes how to convert grades into McGill-compatible grade points. If your institution uses a different grading system, you can consult the following resources:

NOTE ► If you are experiencing problems with the workbook, you may refer to our FAQ section for some guidance.


3. CASPer Test Results

Visit the requirements section of our website for more guidance.

The last possible test dates accepted before the November 1st application deadline are:

  • Test in English: October 23rd, 2018
  • Test in French: October 28th, 2018

Register for CASPer at least 3 days before your preferred test date to allow your identification and payment to be processed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all applicants to our D.M.D. program are required to complete the online assessment test (CASPer) prior to their application deadline. Completion of CASPer is mandatory to maintain admission eligibility. There will be no exceptions.

Please note that the test can only be taken once per admission cycle.


4. Personal Statement

All applicants are required to submit a Personal Statement to assist the Admissions Committee develop a fuller understanding of the applicant and the personal characteristics and experiences that make the applicant suitable for dentistry at McGill.

The personal statement assists the Admissions Committee in its appraisal of an applicant's suitability for our dentistry program. Candidates are invited to discuss any information about themselves that might assist the Committee in this task.

The personal statement form can be completed in English or in French. Do not exceed the space limitations or change the font size.

FORM ► File personal_statement_dmd_eng_2019.docx

You will need to convert your document to a PDF standard format before uploading it on your Minerva account (under the 'Applicant' menu).


5. Curriculum Vitae and List of Verifiers

Download and fill out the CV template below while following the instructions given. Please note that all applicants will need to provide a verifier for the most important CV entries.

CV TEMPLATE File curriculum_vitae_fall2019_eng.docx

LIST OF VERIFIERSFile dentistry_verl_en_2019.docx

INSTRUCTIONSPDF icon instructions_candidates_fall2019_va.pdf


6. Dental Aptitude Test Results

Visit the requirements section of our website for more guidance.

Applicants who completed a degree in dentistry (e.g. BDS, DMD, DDS) are exempted from taking the DAT. This exemption does not apply to applicants who partially completed studies in dentistry.


7. Proof of Quebec Residency Status

NOTE ► The Proof of Citizenship/Perm Res (POCR) checklist item will appear on every applicant's checklist on Minerva. If you are not a Quebec resident, please disregard this item. It will be removed from your application by mid-November at the latest.

Applicants to the DMD program claiming Quebec residency status need to send documents supporting their claim. To confirm your Quebec residency and see which documents you will need to provide, please see You need to demonstrate how your Quebec Residency was established from the start. Thereby, situations #2, 3 and 14 cannot be used to prove Quebec Residency for the purpose of admission. 

You must upload an attestation of Quebec resident status form to Minerva in addition to any other supporting documents. The final document should be in a single PDF file to upload to the Proof of Citizenship/Perm Res (POCR) item on your Dentistry application checklist via your Minerva account.

IMPORTANT ► Québec residency status must be fully established (not provisionally) by the application deadline for all those applying to the DMD program. Changes of citizenship or residency after the application deadline will not be considered.

NOTE: If you were born in Quebec, you are automatically considered a resident of Quebec. You will, however, still need to provide a copy of your birth certificate.


8. Proof of Proficiency in English (if applicable)

Not all applicants need to provide proof of English proficiency. To determine if you need to provide proof of proficiency in English, please visit this section of our website.

All test results must be reported directly to McGill University by the test centre in an electronic format. Candidates' copies of results will not be accepted as proof of English language proficiency. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the official test results in an official format are forwarded directly by the testing service to McGill University.

Please note that all documents submitted to McGill University in support of an application to be admitted, including, but not limited to transcripts, diplomas and test scores (in paper or electronic format), become the property of McGill University and will not be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution.