Our Master’s in Dental Science Program is innovative and constantly evolving, reflecting the minds of our outstanding professors and their vision for training tomorrow's leaders in oral health care. This program provides students a great opportunity to clarify their interests, to meet Faculty members while learning about and engaging with their cutting-edge research programs.


Throughout the course of study, we aim to train all students to:

  1. Complete a literature review
  2. Understand and criticize the scientific literature
  3. Appreciate the principles of scientific thinking
  4. Seek additional career and training options (such as entering a PhD program).

Students in the Non-Thesis MSc Program select a Basic Science stream or Population Health stream (See research divisions). The Non‐thesis MSc program offers students a possibility to gain new information on various research related topics, without committing to a specific research topic or project.

All non-thesis students are encouraged to seek voluntary and summer research opportunities with researchers in the Faculty to further update and upgrade their research experience.

This non-thesis program is not a residency program and does not provide clinical qualifications.

The non‐thesis program involves independent studies and resembles undergraduate studies. Students in this program do not have a supervisor.


The program is course based with a heavy workload. All students are required to take a minimum of 45 credits within 2 years of studies. Students have regular meetings with the program director to discuss their progress within the program.