Professor Dubé awarded funding for new study

Published: 16Apr2019

The Government of Canada has announced funding of $1.2 million for 17 projects to be led by researchers across the country that will analyze baseline data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on...

Multi-behavioral obesogenic phenotypes among school-aged boys and girls along the birth weight continuum

Published: 4Mar2019

Authors: Andre Krumel Portella, Catherine Paquet, Adrianne Rahde Bischoff, Roberta Dalle Molle, Aida Faber, Spencer Moore, Narendra Arora, Robert Levitan, Patricia Pelufo Silveira, Laurette Dubé...

Professor Yang invited to prestigious retail conference

Published: 20Feb2019

Professor Nathan Yang will share his research as an invited speaker at the eTail 2019 Conference. The conference will take place over May 7-9, 2019 in Toronto. Read more

Pollution avoidance and green purchase: The role of moral emotions

Published: 15Feb2019

Authors: Dapeng Liang, Chenxuan Hou, Myung-Soo Jo, and Emine Sarigollu Publication: Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 210, 10 February 2019, Pages 1301-1310 Abstract:

Can Tim Hortons recapture the magic?

Published: 6Feb2019

CBC Radio speaks with Professor Robert Mackalski for his take on Tim Hortons' new double-double-flavored coffee bar, a product that taps into the beloved off-menu order. ...

The internet: A friend or a foe?

Published: 29Jan2019

Online social networks have made it easier to stay in touch with friends and family, but a worrying factor is that they can easily become a “den of comparisons,” warns Professor Ashesh Mukherjee in...

When advertising gets socially active

Published: 21Jan2019

Gillette’s new ad about “toxic masculinity” belongs to a larger phenomenon of brands embracing social activism as a marketing strategy....

The woes of living life on social media

Published: 15Jan2019

As Professor Ashesh Mukherjee makes clear in his latest book, The Internet Trap, the pitfalls of living online in the age of social media include ceaseless comparisons with others and feelings of...