Pollution avoidance and green purchase: The role of moral emotions


Published: 15Feb2019

Authors: Dapeng Liang, Chenxuan Hou, Myung-Soo Jo, and Emine Sarigollu

Publication: Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 210, 10 February 2019, Pages 1301-1310


This study explores the relationship between moral emotions and pro-environmental intentions related to pollution avoidance and green purchasing. Findings gathered from 573 Chinese respondents indicate that pollution avoidance intentions contribute to green purchasing intentions. We also find that positive emotions (e.g., pride, gratitude) relate to both pollution avoidance and green purchasing intentions, but negative emotions (e.g., guilt, condemnation of others) only relate to green purchasing intentions. Self-directed moral emotions have stronger influence on pollution avoidance intention than other-directed emotions, but the effect of the other-directed emotions become stronger due to green purchasing intention. These effects of emotions on pro-environmental intentions are enhanced by behavioral control level. The interaction between self-directed emotions with perceived behavioral control is stronger, compared with those with other-directed emotions. This research enriches extant literature pertaining to green consumption, with important implications for policy makers and strategy formulation promoting green and pollution-avoiding behaviors.