Bloomberg Manulife Prize Microsatellite Events

"Medicine for Active Health in a 21st Century Society on the Brink of the 4th Industrial Revolution"

Twin Private CI Round Table Discussions were held as Satellite Events to the Public Alumni Panels for the 2017 Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health

Toronto, February 15th & Montreal, February 16th (2017)

The Private Convergent Innovation Round Table Discussions convened a group of Montreal and Toronto leaders to advance Convergent Innovation (CI) program for the promotion of active health through medicine and healthcare education and practice in 21st Century Society. These discussions revolved around Brain-to-Society and Convergent Innovation paradigms.

The Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health is offered each year by McGill University to an academic whose lifetime research have had, or has the potential to have, a transformational impact in helping North Americans live longer and better lives. 

The 2017 Bloomberg Manulife Prize is adjudicated to a medical scientist, Thomas N. Robinson, MD, MPH. Dr. Robinson is the Irving Schulman, MD Endowed Professor in Child Health, Professor of Pediatrics and of Medicine, in the Division of General Pediatrics and the Stanford Prevention Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine, and Director of the Center for Healthy Weight at Stanford University and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford.  Dr. Robinson has pioneered a trailblazing "solution-oriented" approach for science and action to fight at its sources childhood obesity, as one of the most pressing challenges to sustainable development and affordable healthcare around the world. His lifetime achievement is to translate some of the most cutting edge behavioral sciences into medical practice and population health interventions to design and test more pragmatic solutions and set children and adolescents on the right course to lead healthy and successful lives. 

 From left: Professor Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Dean of Desautels Faculty of Management; Dr. Marcel Desautels, President and CEO of the Canadian Credit Management Foundation; Professor Laurette Dubé, James McGill Chair of Consumer and Lifestyle Psychology and Marketing and Scientific Director, McGill Centre for the Convergence for Health and Economics (MCCHE), at Bloomberg Manulife Prize reception in Toronto.



Brain-to-Society understanding of everyday human decision and behavior calls for deep transformation in the way we innovate and support individuals if we are to address, better than was has been possible thus far, complex societal problems that constrain Active Health, such as childhood obesity but also poverty, malnutrition, climate change, aging population, or ever-increasing healthcare costs. 


Convergent Innovation goes beyond what has been possible thus far in ensuring sustainable development, economic growth and affordable healthcare for all, over the life-course and around the world.  The program is anchored into biological, behavioral, management and complexity sciences and capitalizing on human and social capital as much as on big data and digital technologies. The aim is to advance practices in research, education, and action for accelerated and extensive behavioral change and ecosystem transformation vis-a-vis the current modus operandi of modern society still entrenched in the well-established fragmented and siloed approach prevailing since the onset of the first industrial revolution. 

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