Webinar Series

Brain to Society Webinar Series

Brain to Society: Decision and Behavior Seminar Series

Obesity and chronic disease prevention has a place on the agenda of governments and other stakeholders at local, national and global levels. However, as comprehensive as they may be, traditional governmental policies and programs alone cannot reach the scale, scope and speed of changes needed to reverse current obesity and chronic diseases trends.

BRIDGE Webinar Series

BRIDGE Webinar Series

Co-hosted by Johns Hopkins Global Obesity Prevention Center and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)

The BRIDGE webinar series is designed to prepare for the next generation of big data analytics, woven into transdisciplinary and intersectoral sciences, policy and innovation, and serving as catalyst for solutions at scale to  better address the seemingly intractable problems that lie at the nexus of health and wealth production, distribution and consumption.

Convergent Innovation Webinar Series: Pulse Program

Convergent Innovation Webinar Series: Food Program

Inventing “One-World” Food Solutions for Sustainable Development and Affordable Healthcare

Co-chaired by: Laurette Dubé, Scientific Director & Founding Chair of MCCHE and Gordon Bacon, CEO of Pulse Canada.

Past Webinar Series

Consumer Behaviour Webinar Series

Consumer Behaviour Webinar Series

Initially launched as an engagement tool for potential sponsors of the “Global Health Eating, Healthy Living Project (a project in collaboration with Q:Quest, TNS, and Firmenich), this webinar series has evolved into a broader engagement and dissemination tool for the spectrum of MCCHE activities.

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