Profiles List

Nancy J Adler

Research areas: Cross-cultural/Multicultural Management, Global Leadership, International Management, Leadership Artistry and Arts-based Leadership, Women as Global Leaders and Managers
Mallika Banerjee

Mallika Banerjee

Lisa Cohen

Research areas: Human Resource Management, Managerial Careers, Organization/Job Structure, Organizational Theory

Suzanne Gagnon

Research areas: Leadership & Governance, Learning, Organization Identity, Organizational Theory, Social Hierarchies, Social Innovation

Patricia Faison Hewlin

Jay Hewlin

Matissa Hollister

Research areas: Career Management, Changing Nature of Work and Retirement, Comparative Labour and Industrial Policies, Data Analytics, Human Resource Management, Labour Force and Labour Market, Labour Market, Managerial Careers, Organizational Theory, Work and Family

Alfred Jaeger

Research areas: Cross-cultural/Multicultural Management, Leadership & Governance

Anthony C Masi

Research areas: Comparative Labour and Industrial Policies, Demography and Population Studies, Labour Force and Labour Market, Labour-Management Relations

Jean-Nicolas Reyt

Research areas: Construal Levels, Creativity, Learning, Social Hierarchies

Brian Rubineau

Chantal Westgate