Implications of Doc Work research

Implications of Doc Work research

PhD students: 
From the time you begin your PhD, envision possible post-PhD career paths; plan strategically and draw on available institutional resources so that you gain the kinds of experience you may need during the degree.

From the time you take on a postdoc position, explore career paths within and beyond the academy that are not necessarily about research-teaching. Informed awareness of the other possibilities will enable you to go for a tenure-track position with eyes wide open.

Career Services, PhD Program Directors, and Teaching and Learning Services offering supervisory training:
Address post-PhD career issues explicitly, including research-based evidence on what is needed beyond the academy.

Schools of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies (or equivalent):
Focusing on post-PhD researchers, explore and provide career development opportunities for jobs within and beyond the academy.

Track career trajectories of PhD graduates; publish this information so that potential PhD students are aware of where graduates go, how they shape their careers, and what institutional support options are available to them.