Governance of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology

Governance is the means by which the Department is formally organized and managed. Below you will find the structure for both administrative and academic procedures, and by whom decisions are made within the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and the Faculty of Education.

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Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology: Administrative Office

The Chair is the head of the Department and is appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Education, following a formal search process. The initial appointment term is for 3 years. The appointment may be renewed. Please note the current Chair of the Department is Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky.

Graduate, undergraduate and professional development programs of the Department are led by Graduate and Undergraduate Program Directors. The Chair appoints the Program Directors.

ECP Administrative Staff:

Departmental Standing Committees

Please find below the following committees: Executive Committee, Departmental Meetings, Departmental Tenure Committee (DTC), Graduate Awards Committee, Program Committees, Clinic Advisory Committee, and Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Committee.

The Executive Committee
Composition: Mandate:

The Department Chair, Graduate Program Directors of the five major program areas (Counselling Psychology, Human Development, Learning Sciences, Master of Education in Educational Psychology, and School/Applied Child Psychology), and two elected graduate students (representing the professional and the non-professional programs).

Chaired by a member of the committee other than the Department Chair.

To render decisions about programs, courses, search committee representation, ad hoc committee formation, graduate funding allocation, and general policies and procedures to be adopted by the department.

This committee meets once a month during the fall and winter terms, preceding the monthly department meetings.

Committee Members:
Dr. Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Department Chair
Dr. Steven R. Shaw, Counselling Psychology Graduate Program Director
Dr. Alenoush Saroyan, Learning Sciences Graduate Program Director
Dr. Tara Flanagan, Human Development and M.Ed. Educational Psychology Concentrations Graduate Program Director
Dr. Armando Bertone, School/Applied Child Psychology Representative
Ms. Samantha Ryan, Administrative Officer
Ms. Angela Ngaira, Graduate Program Administrator
Ms. Charlotte McCaffrey, Frontline Administrative Coordinator
tracy.wong [at] (Ms. Tracy Wong), Student Representative (non-professional programs)
stephanie.gumuchian2 [at] (Ms. Stephanie Gumuchian), Student Representative (professional programs)

2017-2018 Executive Committee Meeting Dates (Thursdays from 11:30AM-1:00PM in room 519)
September 21, 2017
October 12, 2017
November 9, 2017
December 7, 2017
January 11, 2018
February 8, 2018
March 1, 2018 - Special Admissions (exceptionally scheduled from 1:00PM-2:30PM in room 504)
March 15, 2018
April 5, 2018

Department Meetings
Composition: Description:

Departmental meetings are open to all members of the department (Faculty members, other academic staff, and students).


To discuss policy, procedures and business arising within the Department. All Department members are eligible to add agenda items to be discussed at the meetings.

Department meetings are held monthly during the Fall and Winter semesters, following the Executive Committee meetings.

2017-2018 Departmental Meeting Dates (Thursdays from 11:30-1:00PM in room 233):
September 14, 2017 (exceptionally held in Coach House Room 200)
October 19, 2017
November 16, 2017
December 14, 2017
January 18, 2018
February 15, 2018
March 22, 2018 (exceptionally held in room 433)
April 12, 2018

Departmental Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee (DTC)
Composition: Mandate:

The Departmental Chair, at least one senior representative from following program areas (Counselling Psychology, Human Development, Learning Sciences, and School/Applied Child Psychology).

Chaired by the Departmental Chair.

To render decisions and provide recommendations for faculty reappointment, tenure, and promotion.

The committee meets as needed.

2017-2018 Commitee Members:
Drs. Jeffrey Derevensky, Martin Drapeau, Susanne Lajoie, Alenoush Saroyan, and Victoria Talwar

The Graduate Awards Committee
Composition: Mandate:
Faculty members from each of the following program areas; Counselling Psychology, Human Development, Learning Sciences, M.Ed. in Educational Psychology concentrations, and School/Applied Developmental Psychology.

The mandate of this committee is to render decisions concerning the nomination of ECP students for external and internal awards, scholarships and fellowships.

The committee typically meets 2-3 times a year and may add additional meeting sessions as needed.

Committee Members:
Committee is formed for departmental review and ranking periods for fellowship applications.
Program Committees
Composition:  Mandate: 

Faculty members associated with program areas, Program Coordinator, two student representatives (one Ph.D. and one M.A.), one student representative for M.Ed. concentrations in Educational Psychology (one M.Ed.).

The mandate of program committees is to monitor program offerings, make recommendations for student admissions, monitor student progress, make recommendations to the Executive Committee for program revision/changes, forward names of students and faculty for various awards, prepare for accreditation (in the case of the professional programs). Programs determine the frequency of meetings.

Program Committees are as follows:
Program Committee Members Meeting Dates
Counselling Psychology Counselling Psychology Program Faculty
Graduate Program Advisor
stephanie.gumuchian2 [at] (Ms. Stephanie Gumuchian), Ph.D. Representative
dakota.harland [at] (Ms. Dakota Harland), M.A. (Internship) Student Representative
sarah.cabecinha-alati [at] (Ms. Sarah Cabecinha-Alati), M.A. (Project) Student Representative
Human Development Human Development Program Faculty - for a complete list of Faculty members please click the link above.
Graduate Program Advisor
Graduate Program Coordinator
kedi.zhao [at] (Mr. Kedi Zhao), M.A. Student Representative
enoch.leung [at] (Mr. Enoch Leung), Ph.D. Student Representative
Master of Education in Educational Psychology M.Ed. Educational Psychology Program Faculty - for a complete list of Faculty members please click the link above.
Graduate Program Advisor
Graduate Program Coordinator
michelle.paquette [at] (Ms. Michelle Paquette), M.Ed. Student Representative
Learning Sciences / Health Professions Education Learning Sciences Program Faculty - for a complete list of Faculty members please click the link above.
Health Professions Education Program Faculty - for a complete list of Faculty members please click the link above.
Graduate Program Advisor
Graduate Program Coordinator
james.vivian [at] (Mr. James Vivian), M.A. Student Representative
cara.singh [at] (Ms. Cara Singh), Ph.D. Student Representative
School/Applied Child Psychology School/Applied Child Psychology Program Faculty - for a complete list of Faculty members please click the link above.
Graduate Program Advisor
cheryl.gabbay [at] (Ms. Cheryl Gabbay), M.A. Student Representative
gregory.davies [at] (Mr. Gregory Davies), Ph.D. Student Representative
The Clinic Advisory Committee
Composition: Mandate:

Clinic Director, faculty representatives from both professional programs (Counselling Psychology and School/Applied Child Psychology), Administrative Officer, Clinic Coordinator, two representatives from the community and two student representatives from both professional programs.

For more information, please visit the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic webpage.

The role of the Clinic Advisory Committee (CAC) is to assist the clinic director in matters of policy, procedures and financial planning relative to the operations of the Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic.

The committee meets 2–4 times a year.

Committee Members:
Dr. Jack De Stefano, Chair of Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic Director
Ms. Samantha Ryan, ECP Administrative Officer
Ms. Rachael Muncaster (on leave), Clinic and Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Coordinator
Ms. Happiness Anekwe, Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Coordinator
Dr. Vera Romano, Associate Member
Dr. Shawna Atkins, Course Lecturer 
Dr.Marie-Hélène Pennestri, Counselling  Psychology Faculty Representative
Dr. Eve-Marie Quintin, School/Applied Child Psychology Faculty Representative
cheryl.gabbay [at] (Ms. Cheryl Gabbay), School/Applied Child  Psychology MA Student Representative
gregory.davies [at] (Mr. Gregory Davies), School/Applied Child Psychology  PhD Student Representative
stephanie.gumuchian2 [at] (Ms. Stephanie Gumuchian) & Ms. dakota.harland [at] (Dakota Harland,) Counselling Psychology  PHD /MA Student Representatives
Assessment Materials and Resource Centre Committee
Composition: Mandate:

AMRC Chair, Clinic Director, School/Applied Child Psychology Program Representative, Counselling Psychology Program Representative, Administrative Officer, one M.A. and one Ph.D. student representative from both School/Applied Child Psychology and Counselling Psychology programs.

For more information, please visit Assessment Materials Resource Centre webpage.

To ensure that the Resource Centre's administration, both in service to its users and availability of tests, is maintained at the highest standard possible. The Committee meets a minimum of twice a year where important issues relating to the Resource Centre are discussed.

The committee meets a minimum of 2 times a year.

Committee Members:
Dr. Tina Montreuil, Chair of Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Committee
Dr. Marie-Hélène Pennestri, Counselling Psychology Faculty Representative
Dr. Eve-Marie Quintin, School/Applied Child Psychology Faculty Representative
Dr. Jack De Stefano, Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic Director
Ms. Samantha Ryan, ECP Administrative Officer
Ms. Rachael Muncaster (on leave), Clinic and Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Coordinator
Ms. Happiness Anekwe, Clinic and Assessment Materials Resource Centre (AMRC) Coordinator
cheryl.gabbay [at] (Ms. Cheryl Gabbay)School/Applied Child Psychology MA Student Representative
gregory.davies [at] (Mr Gregory Davies, )School/Applied Child Psychology PhD Student Representative
stephanie.gumuchian2 [at] (Ms. Stephanie Gumuchian) & Ms. dakota.harland [at] (Dakota Harland), Counselling Psychology  PHD/MA Student Representatives

Departmental Ad Hoc Committees

Please find below the following committee(s): Advisory Search Committee.

Advisory Search Committee (for Academic Positions)
Composition: Mandate:
Department Chair (ex officio), Program Director in the area of hire, one member of program in the area of hire, a representative of the Department Executive Committee, a graduate student representing the area of hire (preferably not a supervisee of a committee member), an external member representing a department with close ties to the area of hire. The Search Committee is chaired by the Program Director in the area of hire.

Search Committees are advisory committees who make a recommendation to the Department Chair for academic hires.

Advisory Search Committees will be appointed soon for the following forthcoming positions:

  • Tenure-track position in the area of Mental Health
  • Contract Academic position - Clinic Director, Psychoeducational and Counselling Clinic

Members of these search committees will be announced soon. 

The Faculty Awards Committee
Composition: Mandate:

To identify and make faculty members aware of potential scholarly awards, and to nominate faculty members for both internal and external awards.

The Faculty Awards Committee advise the Department and faculty on matters related to Honours and Awards. The Committee administers those aspects of awards, prizes, and medals in order to recognize outstanding achievements in both teaching and research.

The Faculty Awards Committee is composed of volunteer faculty members with the intent to facilitate the criteria and selection for upcoming awards, currently, the Bruce M. Shore Collegiality Award.

Committee Members
Dr. Jacob Burack
Dr. Nathan Hall
Dr. Michael Hoover
Dr. Chiaki Konishi
Dr. Eve-Marie Quintin

Departmental Policies

Mentoring Policy and Guidelines
ECP Mentoring Policy and Guidelines