Change to Financial Services website


Published: 6Mar2019

This message is sent on behalf of Julie Ghayad, Director Systems and Transaction Services, Financial Services


We have made changes to the Financial Services website based on recommendations from the finance community, benchmarking and best practices. In order to provide one source of information for all Financial Services information and documentation, the Financial Services Knowledge Base articles have been moved to the Financial Services Website. The articles now reside in the Guide to Financial Management section (Best Practice).

The Guide to Financial Management is structured as follows:

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Finance Roles
  • Financial Information System
  • Fund Management
  • Month-End/Year-End Schedules
  • Procurement and Payment Methods
  • Research Finance
  • Revenue and Banking
  • Budgeting at McGill


Need HELP?

  • Contact the Finance Help Desk: Fishelp.acct [at] | 514-398-3463


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