Reimbursement of Expenses - UPDATE - Images of Receipts


Published: 30Oct2014


The following memo is sent on behalf of Cris Tinmouth, Interim Assistant Vice-Principal Financial Services and Controller

DATE: October 30, 2014

TO: McGill Community              

CC:  Anthony C. Masi, Provost; Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance; Rose Goldstein, Vice-Principal Research and International Relations

RE: Reimbursement of Expenses – PROCEDURE UPDATE regarding missing receipts


In follow up to the memo below and attached, please take note of the following change in procedure for Research Grants/Contracts only:

Effective November 15, 2014, all expense claims submitted on research grants/contracts must include original receipts for reimbursement.  Capturing pictures of receipts with a Smartphone is not considered an acceptable substitute for original receipts when charging research grants and contracts.

The elimination of this practice will ensure that the University remains compliant with sponsor policies and guidelines.

Thank you

[Message sent out over the FIS listserv]