About Us

Mission Statement


The McGill Global Mental Health Program (GMHP) is a multidisciplinary research and training hub based at the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry of the Department of Psychiatry. The program is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and action research on mental health disparities around the world, especially in low- and middle income countries (LMIC).

GMHP promotes a multi-disciplinary research agenda with a particular focus on bringing the social science’s perspectives to bear on the understanding and response to mental health problems internationally. Building on McGill’s longstanding tradition in cultural psychiatry and the university’s excellent mental health research community, the Global Mental Health Program creates a collaborative space and training environment through,


  •    Multi-disciplinary action research
  •    Platforms for dialogue and networking  (GMH seminar series & film series)
  •    Training opportunities for students  (e.g. annual summer school)
  •    Capacity building (across Canada & in LMICs)
  •    Knowledge exchange and translation                                                                                                                             


Global Mental Health and Gender

Our dialogue space on issues around GMH and Gender can be found here